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Elite Training

Take your skills to the next level.

For the professional Law-Enforcement or Military personnel. Training designed to take your skills to the next level and prepare you for the constantly changing environment you work in.

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Reality Behavior Based Conditioning® methodology applied to customizable handgun and carbine training, as well as specialized precision rifle courses.


CQB Tactics

88 Tactical’s acclaimed High Threat Close Quarter Battle (CQB) training is a paradigm shift in CQB tactics based on human behavior during survival oriented and high-stress situations.



Tactical Medicine (TacMed) is a combination fighting and life-saving course that covers how to save yourself and others while wounded and/or under fire. It covers marksmanship, tactics and combat casualty care.

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Mobile Training Team

88 Tactical’s Mobile Training Team (MTT) offers a cost-saving solution for many organizations seeking to stretch their training budgets. Corporate and government clients can tailor the training to meet their specific requirements, working with environment or budgetary restrictions.

News Feed

  • My favorite class is the primal defense class because I see the greatest amount of change in the students in the shortest amount of time. Intermediate and advanced carbine courses would be a close second because they are physically and mentally challenging.  My favorite every day piece of equipment is my Eidolon holster for my Glock pistol. It combines good retention, fast draws, and excellent concealment.

    Trevor Thrasher
    Trevor Thrasher Senior Instructor
  • One of my favorite classes to teach is the Basic Survival Skills. For most folks it is an empowering outing that is challenging, but still executed in a controlled environment. I really enjoy seeing the look of accomplishment come across someone’s face when they build their first fire on their own. I also like to see the mixed classes of males and females. The Woods does not care who you are, it is gender neutral. You either succeed or fail. It is my job to see you don't do the latter.

    Terry Barney
    Terry Barney Senior Instructor

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