Basic Designated Defensive Marksman

Law Enforcement & Military Training Course

Basic Designated Defensive Marksman

88 Tactical’s Basic Designated Defensive Marksman course is designed to enhance the skill level and expand the effective range of both S.W.A.T. and Patrol Officers by utilizing magnified optics on patrol carbines or other high-powered rifles. Law enforcement is facing greater challenges than ever before.

Whether you are providing security at high-profile events, overseeing crowd control at mass protests, or supplying over-watch protection to guard against an ambush at a crime scene, the ability to gather visual intelligence and provide accurate fire at greater distances is essential. The use of magnified optics enhances this capability while increasing the operational range of the typical patrol carbine. During this 9-hour Basic Designated Defensive Marksman course, officers will be trained to engage targets between 100 and 300 yards with first-round hits, while accounting for innocent bystanders and various environmental conditions.

Basic Designated Defensive Marksman Topics Covered
  • Scope types, functions, and selection for law enforcement use
  • Proper mounting of magnified optics
  • Use of turrets and reticles for precision shooting
  • Basic Ballistics
  • Adjusting for wind
  • Shooter fundamentals
  • Rifle zeroing and data collection at various ranges
  • Vehicle deployment drills
  • DDM qualification course from 100 to 300 yards
Equipment Requirements
  • Eye and ear protection
  • A scoped and bore-sighted carbine (AR-15) or bolt action rifle
  • 100 rounds of quality duty ammunition
  • A shooting mat and bipod are recommended
Eligibility Requirements

Must possess current Law Enforcement Credentials.

Cancellation Policy

Students who cancel or re-schedule a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of a class will receive a full refund or credit applied toward future classes. Students who cancel or re-schedule less than 72 hours in advance or “No-Shows” will result in forfeiture of 50% of payments and fees. 88 Tactical reserves the right to cancel any course offered due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, all students will receive a full refund or credit applied to another class.

If your agency is interested in hosting a class, please contact Aaron Guzman at (507) 884-5193 or Host agencies will receive free seats for each course.

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