Senior Instructors
CQB, Firearms & Combatives

A tenured member of a metro SWAT team, Devin Crinklaw’s breadth of skills and knowledge have been proven many times over to our law enforcement, military, and civilian communities. Crinklaw worked abroad as part of a training team in Brazil for LE/Mil Special Operations personnel, and on protection details in North Africa and the Middle East. He is considered a subject matter expert by the State Department in areas including Firearms, Arrest and Control/Combatives, and Edged Weapons. He has prepared personnel for high risk deployments to Haiti, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Crinklaw has developed and taught peer reviewed CQB/combatives and shooting curriculum to US Special Forces and other government units. He is a current Blauer Tactical Systems SPEAR and Personal Defense Readiness Coach, and is an adjunct instructor with the BTS Mobile Training Team. He holds instructor ratings in Firearms, Arrest and Control/Combatives, Emergency Driving, CQB/Range Safety, and CCW Training.

Crinklaw is employed by a metropolitan police department where he serves as a full-time Use of Force/ Tactics trainer at the Police Academy, and SWAT Team member. He is primary weapons and tactics trainer for his tactical team as well.

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