Firearms & Tactics

John Kuebler has had 10 years of honorable active military service in the United States Marine Corp, where he achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant. He held multiple positions, including Battalion Training Chief. John assisted in developing a marksmanship coaching evaluation program for USMC annual qualifications and instructed over 250 Marines each week on basic and advanced rifle/pistol marksmanship. He was recruited to the USMC Rifle and 3-Gun Shooting Team, and published operation orders for multiple training exercises for over 1200 personnel.

John has received specialized training for Combat Casualty Care, Close Quarters Battle, Recon & Surveillance, Basic Demolition & Breaching, Mobile Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT), SERE, and more. During his service, he was awarded two Iraq Campaign Medals for helping train and support Iraq Army and Police personnel, and three Navy Achievement Medals for superior performance of his duties. John holds certifications as a Combat Marksmanship Instructor Trainer (USMC), Black Belt in Marine Corp Martial Arts, Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor (Nebraska & Florida), Open Water Advanced & Mixed Air Scuba Diver, Operational Stress Management Specialist and Suicide Prevention Specialist.

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