Mick Doyle

Combatives & Self Defense Mick Doyle was born in Dublin Ireland. His family has a long tradition of fighters including his great grandfather, Mickey Finn. Mick began Martial Arts training at [...]

Tim Pirruccello

Firearms & Tactics Tim Pirruccello is an Honor graduate of the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper School and was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon during his deployment to Afghanistan. [...]

Chris Brammer

Precision Rifle Instructor & General Manager Chris Brammer is a graduate of both the elite U.S. Army Sniper School, and the U.S. Army Airborne School. During three years of combat operations [...]

Mike Murphy

Firearms & Tactics Mike Murphy’s eleven years as a US Navy S.E.A.L. has built an impressive set of operational and training credentials. With multiple combat deployments in countries [...]

Shawn Whittington

Firearms, Self Defense & TacMed Shawn Whittington is a licensed Tactical Paramedic, and has been working professionally in the EMS/Fire industry since 1991. He has been a firearms and [...]

Mike Sackett

Firearms & Tactics Mike Sackett is a former team leader of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). His law enforcement experience spans 30 years, including 24 years as a Special Agent with the [...]

John Calabro

Tactical Medicine John Calabro, PA-C, is currently practicing as a Physician Assistant. He is a graduate of the United States Inter-Service Physician Assistant School (US Army) and is trained in [...]

Kurt Sorys

Senior Instructor & Training Department Manager A longtime SWAT team member and police trainer, Kurt Sorys brings with him nearly 33 years of experience. As a sergeant with the Omaha Police [...]

Terry Barney

SERE, Bushcraft & Rappelling Terry Barney has taught survival skills to hundreds of military personnel and civilians all over the country. He cut his teeth in the Boundary Waters and Quetico [...]

Devin Crinklaw

CQB, Firearms & Combatives A tenured member of a metro SWAT team, Devin Crinklaw’s breadth of skills and knowledge have been proven many times over to our law enforcement, military, and [...]

Greg Sampson

Firearms & Tactics Greg Sampson has developed and taught personal safety courses to hundreds of civilians and law enforcement personnel. He has been a peace officer since 1993 and holds [...]

Nick Nowatney

Nick Nowatney’s impressive credentials include over two decades in U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret, serving primarily in 5th Special Forces Group in the Middle East. He has trained [...]

Trevor Thrasher

Small Arms, High Threat CQB, Combatives A combat veteran U.S. Army Green Beret, Trevor Thrasher has unique and wide-ranging special operations experience. His credentials include law enforcement [...]